New York City Wedding Videographer

You want your wedding day to be as complete and satisfying as you can possibly make it. The last thing that you want is to have any regrets after the fact. But if you were to poll hundreds of brides after their wedding, the most common refrain that you will hear is that they regret not hiring a professional videographer to capture their wedding in video form. It is one thing to have still photographs taken, but there is nothing that compares with having a mini-movie of your special day. There are many reasons for this but the main one if that the motion picture medium is probably the most powerful medium that exists. And you are in luck because as you search throughout the NYC area for a videographer that fits you, you can take advantage of some of the hottest trends in the videography arena. We are here to let you know what those are.

One of the growing trends in the wedding videography business is to provide clients with short-form wedding films and trailers. This way your friends and family don't have to watch hours of wedding footage but are able to just enjoy the highlights of what happened on your special day. Another growing trend to to have your wedding shot in vintage 8-mm film which produces a very romantic look and feel. Some people love the idea of their wedding have a nostalgic look and this provides that. The name of the game today is to be integrated into the information age. And now videographers are allowing couples to share their wedding footage via the world wide web. They will help you live stream your wedding video so you can share the link with folks that were not able to make it to your wedding. And this can remain private as they can provide you with a password protected area to house the footage.

Many people that are getting married don't think too much about this, but short videos are a great way to share the news of your engagement and share your wedding dates. Or if you are looking to go big-time and have some real fun, there are videographers out there who will shoot and edit your wedding day like it is a film for the big screen. They will create the same drama and apply special effects that will make you want to make sure you have some popcorn with you when you view it. You can tell the story of how you met and have it playing as your guests are entering the reception venue. How about incorporating a slow motion video booth that allow you and your guests to have some fun with being filmed and then slowing down the playback. Remember Ann Arbor Wedding Videographer is one of our affiliates if you need someone in Ann Arbor, MI.

Another options some people are gravitating to is what is called the same-day edit. This is where your videographer will film everything, put the footage through some editing, and then they will display it on a big screen near the end of the reception. You and your guests will be amazed by what a professional can do. If you are really looking for out of the box thinking, you can always have your videographer create a stop-motion video. This is where thousands of still images will be captured and then all of them are played back at various rates of speed. This can really create a fun video for everyone to enjoy and have a good laugh watching. As you can see, there are many options for you to think about as the videography industry has moved into the 21st century. Our recommendation is to have some fun and try out a few of these fun trends.

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